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Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine is who we are and it’s what we do! You would be hard pressed to find a more competent group of dynamic and experienced Southern Yellow Pine traders than at Tampa International. SYP at Tampa International is comprised of eight knowledgeable industry veterans; together they have 138 years of Pine trading experience at TIFP. Because we pride ourselves on being the best pine floor in the country, we value our longstanding relationships with our customers and suppliers. Last year, we sourced product from over 162 suppliers, which offered our customers unequalled coverage to remain competitive in their business. Our customer’s success is of the utmost importance to us, as we cannot do it without you!

Western Species

TIFP has forged a strong and lasting relationships with our sawmills and customers, which has made us an industry leader in SPF and Western Species since 1976.  With over 130 years of experience, we aim to anticipate our customer’s needs, while keeping them aware of new developments and changing market conditions.


Our Panel Department markets domestic and imported plywood, OSB and hardboard. Our combined trading experience is over 100 years handling large volumes, with a focus on individual customer needs. Using long standing relationships, Tampa International can supply our customers through direct mill shipments and distribution operations. Utilizing our logistics network, our goal is to ship just in time orders in a low cost, time effective manner. Our longevity is proof that we consistently strive to serve our client’s needs with product and market information.


We have inventories of all grades and lengths at Gulf ports, East Coast ports, and numerous locations interior – Roanoke, VA; Louisville, KY; St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Stockton, CA; Phoenix, AZ; to name a few. We can supply domestic rebar in your specific length; i.e., 22’ or 38’ or 25’ – any length you desire (500 ton minimum), saving you the cost of trimming and off fall.

MDF / Particleboard

The TIFP composite panels program centers around a quality product, a state-of-the-art production facility and a knowledgeable sales team. The Berneck industrial complex operates two ultra-modern Simpelkamp continuous presses, producing, highest quality HDF/MDF, which is ideal for industrial laminators.


Using long established mill relationships from the key source regions of the world, Tampa International imports products through the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and East Coast ports. Tampa International is the conduit through which our suppliers flow material into US markets. These established relationships allow our clients/partners to purchase at mill direct pricing, combined with the professional supply chain management we have built our reputation on. Buying FOB at the port, delivered to your warehouse, or from positioned inventories, let Tampa International be your import partner of choice.


The Industrial Department’s main focus is to provide raw lumber to remanufactures which produce doors, windows, mouldings, furniture, ladders, trim, finger joint studs, etc. The majority of this lumber can be pressure treated for outdoor applications. The main species that we offer include Southern Yellow Pine and Hardwoods. Although, we supply in Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine and many finished and unfinished Imports. We offer a full range of sizes including 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 surfaced and rough in flat grain, mixed grain and vertical grain. Grades offered include: Moulding & Btr., Shop, Sap, Prime & Btr., C & Btr. D & Btr. and all of the Common grades.



Tampa International is FSC and SFI certified, offering a variety of products which qualify for LEED points. We apply our values and integrity to every aspect of our business, sustainability is no exception. Learn More

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