Wholesale Lumber Broker

TIFP is looking for qualified individuals who are motivated and dedicated. A trader for TIFP must possess a teamwork mentality, an entrepreneurial spirit and a competitive nature. As a commodity broker on an active trading floor, you would:
  • Grow your business with customers and mills throughout North America
  • Build long-lasting partnerships
  • Develop markets for suppliers and seek products for customers
  • Pursue innovative opportunities for new products and market niche

Trading Internship

Tampa International Forest Products is always looking for new talent to join our company. We offer a dynamic work environment with unrivaled growth opportunity.  Our internship will expose students to the commodity trading industry. They will focus on multiple departments and segments of our company, developing an invaluable understanding of domestic and international trade.  Specific projects include but are not limited to:

  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Information technology
  • Credit and supporting functions
  • Market segmentation and strategy

Physical Inventory Coordinator

Work effectively with the Traders and the Reloads/Warehouses to coordinate the incoming receipts and outgoing shipments of import and domestic inventory.  Work cooperatively with all department personnel at TIFP to ensure a proactive and efficient management approach to the inventory supply chain.  

  • Notify the reload facility or warehouse of incoming truck or rail car or container.
  • Compile information on receipt of material and enter data into the Sales Assist Tag Inventory program to compute inventory balance, price, and cost.
  • Compare inventory data to office records and/or compute figures from records such as sales orders, production records, or purchase invoices to obtain current inventory.
  • Reconcile monthly the inventory at each inventory location by comparing the inventory records received from each reload facility against the month end inventory detail.  Discrepancies are to be reconciled timely.
  • Effectively and accurately communicate relevant information to all internal and external parties involved in the inventory supply chain.

Recognized leader in North America

Annually we ship over 15,000 orders of trucks and rail cars. Since 1976 we have been recognized as one of the premier companies to work for in the forest products industry. Apply or call today and find out what our industry has to offer.

Exceptional People

Our people are the foundation of our business. A majority of our traders and staff have been with us for more than 20 years, some more than 30. We pride ourselves on being adaptive, building relationships and rewarding those who work hard. Think you have what it takes?

Innovation and Motivation

The core of our success comes from the willingness to learn, adapt and innovate. We believe in working hard and going the extra mile. Your effort, drive and motivation are rewarded through a compensation plan that has changed very little in three decades.

Culture of Success

Our culture is second to none. Joining the elite means you are surrounded by those who know what it takes to be the best. We build and support “your business” to reward you. As an employee owned company our management’s sole focus is on your bottom line!

Benefits, Rewards and Health

When it comes to benefits we spare no expense. We have everything you would expect; from health insurance to competitive retirement plans. Additionally, we send the top traders from around the country to enjoy an all expenses paid vacation every year! Locations have included Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas and Aruba.