Meet Our Traders

Our team of 25 traders includes some of the most talented and tenured in the industry. Our traders offer over 400 years of experience in the forest products industry. Our people are the key to our success, and we provide them with the latest technology, training, and service tools. Browse through the trader’s bios and learn what TIFP has to offer.

Joe Brown (President)

Sam Barranco (Dept. Head)

Michael Coffey (Dept. Head)

Mike Patneaude (Dept. Head)

Nick Dill

Tim Goodrich

Finn Hurley

Brent Wourinen

Tom Brown

Tim Daugherty

Nick Brigato

Annette Vega

Mike Marmo

Renee Sticker Patterson

Cliff Lee

Shawn Dwyer

Anthony Kolodziej

Chris Coffey

Julliana Chaves

Sam Robinson

Justin Smith